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We know the story. Silver often called “the people’s money” has been manipulated in financial markets for the better part of 70 years. Some of us believe that it’s due to the market being under the thumb of central banks while others blame derivates and The US Fed using  “naked shorts,” to protect the value of the US dollar. There are many theories as to why and what is causing it, but one thing is certain – the value of silver has consistently gone down for the past 8 years. But the winds are about to change.

How large is the national debt of the USA? By the time you figure it out, it’s already increased another few million dollars. In fact, when you take a look at the numbers laid bare it becomes obvious that the clock is ticking towards a massive and inevitable financial collapse. In this event what will happen to your finances? When the central banks all of a sudden are unable to fulfill it’s IOU’s, seizing your accounts. More Bailouts? More printing off paper money with nothing to back it? More finger pointing and passing the proverbial hot potato, and the sacrifice of your well being for the sake of keeping the rich, well, rich.

This is only America. While not every country teeters on the brink, a great deal of them have already seen their economies collapse. Venezuela, for example, has been in crisis since 2010 with their hyperinflation reaching 83,000% this July and is expected to reach 1,000,000% by the end of this year. In a sobering report by the IMF of the 59 countries classified as low income developing countries, 40% are either in a financial crisis or on the edge of it. South Africa, Brazil, the list goes on – all of the responsibility held by mismanaged governments with paper money that represents nothing but empty coffers.  

But as crises go, from it we evolve. While stopping economic catastrophe may at first seem inevitable, we are about to enter a dramatic shift in the financial system. Now into the 3rd generation of cryptocurrencies, we witnessing the return of asset-backed monetary systems and silver is poised to take the stage and return to its mantle as “the people’s money.” As silver has historically been utilized across the world as currency and utility, it makes sense that with the emergence of the blockchain technology (which allows for the secure, honest and efficient transfer of ownership and value) means that we can now return to a globally adopted monetary system that is not only secured by the value of real-world tangible assets. but operates free from the manipulation of the JP Morgan Chase’s and Goldman Sachs of the world.

This opportunity, of course, is a window and it’s up to as a community to seize this chance. Time is limited, but for us but we at LODE know that now is the time to return silver to its rightful status as a global monetary system; because if not now, when the world needs it most, then when?

Put your silver to work:

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