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There are so many exciting things happening in the LODE Community as the Token Generation Event (TGE) and the creation of the Genesis Block of LODE Tokens has now taken place.  

So what’s next?  It’s time to kick off the AGX side of the system.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the AGX website and AGX Coin reservation system at –

Like LODE Tokens, the reservation system invites users to register, buy and/or deliver investment grade (99.9%) silver bullion to reserve AGX Coins.  AGX Coins will launch into the marketplace and become transactable in late February 2019, now is the time to get on board and reserve your AGX Coins! (CLICK HERE)

How does the AGX Coin work?

AGX Coins will provide a global audience with modern money, paving the way for a high-speed, low-cost, private, and borderless method for commerce.  This will give everyone, including the billions of unbanked and inflation oppressed individuals worldwide, access to sound money. All transactions will be secure, transparent, verifiable, and be immutably recorded upon the blockchain.

AGX Coins will only flow in and out of private wallets when enabled by the encryption keys of the AGX Coin owner, without limits or restrictions, and with immutable receipts via the blockchain.

AGX Coins will be transactable across merchant networks allowing for global commerce, think Visa/Mastercard/Interac.  They will also be exchangeable or redeemable for investment grade (99.9%) silver bullion, through participating precious metals dealers at prevailing exchange rates. Additionally, the AGX Coins will be enabled through payment gateways such as AGX Service Provider, Coinpayments.  More on this early in 2019!

Join the movement and put silver back to work as Modern Money for a Global Community!

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