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2018 was a mad year for Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Silver –  for LODE it was the year that dreams became a reality. In 2018, the LODE Community accomplished a great deal while advancing the mandate of restoring physical silver to the monetary system.  

As a quick recap of the last 12 months, each area saw tremendous growth and achievement:


  • LODE grew from a handful of silver enthusiasts to a community of over 3300 members, including 1300 + contributors, vaulting over 16 million grams of Silver
  • Membership countries grew from one to 96 (and the number keeps growing)
  • The growth was a direct result of attendance at three key events – Cayman Investment Summit (Cayman Islands), Anarchapulco (Mexico), and CoinAgenda (Puerto Rico)
  • The number of  Ambassadors grew from three to over 30, including high-level silver influencers such as David Morgan, and Daniela Cambone



  • An Interfix steering committee was created to provide strategic leadership to the project.
  • Interfix, Beadle Raven, WB Financial and AGLife worked to apply the common-law legal precedent known as Bailment.  Bailment establishes the legal framework which provides oversight and governance for the relationship between both LODE Tokens and AGX Coins as they work with the INTERFIX to establish the restoration of Silver as Money, and the corresponding token enabling requirements across all jurisdictions.
  • The LODE and AGX Collective Community Association Constitution was created as an overarching code of conduct protecting the Community and its members.
  • The LODE Community Ethos was developed from the central creed/belief that silver must be restored to its historic prominence as sound money.
  • SWP managed and grew the number of vaults from one each in Cayman and Toronto – adding Liechtenstein, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Auckland by the end of the year.



  • Technical Service Providers Atomic47 & Syscoin enabled the creation of our LODE Token Genesys Block on 12:12 pm – 12.12.2018, where 13,770,626 Tokens were created.
  • Coinpayments was selected as the technology partner to provide enabling services such as payment gateway, exchanges, and merchant network access, with over 2 million merchants in 182 countries.
  • As well, the Technical Service Providers have created a roadmap for system-wide enabling scheduled for 2019.
  • Completed a platform migration to Amazon Web Services.
  • Developed and launched a more robust LODE Members Portal with:
      • security enhancements
      • enhanced data logging
      • added features
  • Created Social Media Automation / Marketing Sites
    • Telegram chat bot developed
    • server migration completed
    • creation
  • AGXPay Members Portal Creation  



  • Early in the year, we saw the release of the first LODE website at and launched in December.
  • 10 new social media channels were launched, over 50 MailChimp campaigns sent out, and over 130 articles were published on our website.
  • LODE gained 3500 engaged followers in the social media channels with the following content developed:
    • 46 videos were posted to the Youtube Channel
    • 200 Posts on Facebook
    • 270 Tweets sent out
    • Over 70 Instagram posts + stories


As we move into 2019, the focus will be on enabling the LODE Tokens and AGX Coins for use within the burgeoning LODE ecosystem. With this in mind, an Ethos for the Community has been created in support of the operations. Its purpose is to provide the guiding principles or operational ETHOS to LODE.  It is the responsibility of each Service Provider, member, and contributor to uphold the LODE Ethos as they engage with members of the community.


The LODE Ethos: (View the Ethos document here)

  • Authentic  – True selves, true skills
  • Disciplined – Collaborative, Decentralized Operations
  • Autonomous – A system that runs itself
  • Security – 1# Priority in building tech and relationships
  • Fellowship – An ecosystem of equals


As part of the Ethos, each member of the Service Provider Alliance commits to the following:  

  • Being courageous yet humble
  • Being diligent in their efforts
  • Cooperative in attitude and action
  • Helpful to fellow service providers
  • To keeping a positive outlook and resisting negative thinking
  • To maintaining continuous self-reflection with a mindset of growth


The LODE Ethos encourages everyone to accept the challenging of the mandate, fearlessly pursue objectives and to uphold the standards of the Community as LODE strives to transcend and restore silver to the monetary system.


Looking forward to 2019 the journey for LODE continues to be an exciting one! Stay tuned for more updates on wallets, merchant networks and further enabling for LODE and AGX.

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