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America’s youth has long been in a bad relationship with banks. Their predatory, self-serving practices have left a bad taste in the mouths of many young consumers, who have historically acclimated and resigned themselves to the system as they aged. Millennials have been accused of killing almost every industry, from golf to napkins, but now they’re on the cusp of the biggest breakup yet – with banks. Millennials might finally be the generation to leave their deadbeat ex and have the passion and optimism to envision a new way of doing things financially.

During the 2008 financial collapse, the Fed had to lower interest rates to 0 percent, right around when millennials were graduating from college (in debt from bank loans) and trying to build up their finances. Millennials could barely earn interest on their deposits, while banks continued to use those same deposits to charge consumers 25 percent interest on credit cards and keep over 90 percent of the value to themselves. Bank executives have had record earnings and bonuses since 2009, while most Americans struggle to finish the month in the green…

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