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There has been great anticipation about the issuance of the LODE Tokens and AGX Coins. Currently, the LODE Technical Service Providers are constructing a series of wallets designed to meet the diverse needs of the LODE Community that will support LODE Token holders and AGX Coin users alike. A variety of options are being put into place and the wallets will be rolled out strategically to ensure security and ease of use for members.


In December 2018, the LODE Community’s assets were placed into trust in a LODE Treasury Wallet. All LODE Tokens in this wallet are secured by cold storage until they are distributed to members’ wallets upon the completion of the LODE Cloud Wallets solution.


The individually managed wallets will start with the LODE Cloud Wallets which will be rolled out in Q1 2019. This will provide members the ability to hold, send and receive their tokens. The private keys for these LODE Cloud Wallets will be secured and managed by the LODE Technical Service Providers.


There are distinct advantages to utilizing the LODE Cloud Wallet. Members that have contributed to building the monetary mass can most readily and easily receive their AGX Pay micro-payouts as they are awarded to wallet holders. There also is less risk of losing private crypto-keys with these wallets. This is an ease-of-use wallet that members will access through the members’ portal.


Members wanting to have exchangeability of their tokens can send them from their soon to be LODE Cloud Wallet to a CoinPayments Wallet. CoinPayments provides a platform and cloud wallet designed for the transferability between 1200+ cryptocurrencies.

Members who wish to store their LODE Tokens offline will have multiple options.


The LODE Community also will be able to utilize the Electrum Wallet that can enable storage of tokens on a computer or other electronic devices. This open-source wallet is currently being configured to enable LODE Tokens and AGX Coins and will be released after testing at the in mid-Q1 2019.


The Archos Safe-T-mini currently is being programmed to enable the offline storage of LODE Tokens and AGX Coins. This cold storage device will allow members to hold their tokens offline digitally. The Safe-T-mini runs on Archos technology and the open source Trezor project – which is recognized as a highly dependable cold storage platform. The Archos device will be available for purchase in North America in late Q2, early Q3 2019 when it will be LODE and AGX enabled.


A simple form of cold storage will be enabled through the creation of a LODE Paper Wallet. The LODE Paper Wallet allows members to store their tokens offline, removing the risk of the internet. The paper wallet currently is being tested and will be provided by the end of Q1 2019.

Advantages of paper wallets are:

  • They are not subject to malware and keyloggers.
  • You don’t rely on a third party’s honesty or capacity to protect your coins.
  • You won’t lose your coins if your cold storage device or computer breaks.


LODE has reached an agreement with a specialized, highly secure, Custody Service Provider (more details to be released shortly) to provide the best possible custody solution for LODE Community treasury wallets, but also for individuals looking for a managed and insured solution for storing their tokens. The integration of this custody solution still is in development with plans of rolling this service out to our members in Q2 of 2019


Step-by-step instructions for use of all of these above-mentioned wallets will be released to the community as each option becomes available.  As the LODE and AGX Communities expand, additional storage and enabling options will continue to be explored in the weeks and months to come. Very soon the entire LODE ecosystem will be up and running, and LODE Token holders and AGX Coin users will be able to store, exchange and transact system-wide.  


The ongoing support from the LODE Community is inspiring, the project is entering into an exciting time as the Community strives to transcend and restore silver as sounds money –  for the people, by the people!

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