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When talking about the Benjamins, best-selling American author, Edward Griffin does not mince words, he wants tangible assets as backup.

In an interview with LODE ambassador David Smith on the sidelines of the Anarchapulco conference in February, Griffin said money has to be backed by real hard assets such as silver or gold or freedom will eventually be “snuffed” out.  

“Freedom depends on independence. You have to be independent of authority,” Griffin said in the Anarchapulco interview. Griffin was a keynote speaker during the show alongside former Congressman Ron Paul, Doug Casey and Andrew Napolitano.

“The only way to be independent is to have property – money is the most visible expression of property. So without money as an expression of property you have no means to defend yourself against the state,” Griffin said.  

Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, has been one of the most vocal critics of the U.S. central bank, often writing about its corruption of the monetary system.  

“The Federal Reserve is one of the most dangerous creatures ever to stalk our land,” Griffin penned in his book.  

“Money, whether it is digital money, whether it is currency on paper, gold or silver – it has to be outside of that control and the only way it can be outside of that control in my view is if it’s a hard tangible thing …[s]omething people have made with their own effort. Gold and silver happen to be that thing that societies throughout history have always selected…there’s a reason for that,” Griffin told Smith.

During the interview, Smith noted that Griffin’s work was one of the inspirations for the creation of AGX Coin and the LODE project which seeks to transfer the use of silver as real honest money back to the people.

“When you [talk about] a cryptocurrency that is backed by hard assets, it rings a good solid bell with me, maybe even a silver bell,” Griffin teasingly added.

LODE is constructing the world’s first Cryptographic Silver Monetary System utilizing a blockchain protocol to enable the creation and distribution of two tokenized assets, each representing a unique relationship with investment-grade silver.

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