LODE Online Reservation Event(s)

Upon completion of the registration process, this online system will generate a unique LODE Member ID. After registering, you are invited to consider the two available options for contributing to the LODE Project by selecting either the option to BUY silver or DELIVER your own silver to the LODE Vaults. Once you have completed the BUY or DELIVER process, you will be contacted by the LODE Vault Administrator SWP to complete your contribution. If you elect to DELIVER your silver, the system will provide you with a digital receipt that will then trigger a set of instructions detailing HOW TO properly package, identify, and ship your bullion to the respective LODE Vault Facility nearest you.

Early Adopter Phase

Phase 1.0 reservations must be submitted by and no later than September 21, 2017. – NOW CLOSED

Phase 2.0 reservations must be submitted between February 20 - June 30, 2018. The silver contribution required to obtain 1 LODE Coin in Phase 2 exchange rate is 1.85 grams of investment-grade silver.

All contributed silver bullion must be delivered to the LODE/Interfix Community Vault on or before close of business in accordance with the following schedule:

  • PHASE 1.0 – CLOSED
  • PHASE 2.0 – Must be in the Vault no later than July 31, 2018

TERMS OF AGREEMENT – the small print

WHEREAS, in accordance with the LODE Collective (LC) Community Plan of Arrangement (POA), individuals referred to as “contributors” can reserve their stake in the LODE Project by delivering or purchasing investment-grade silver bullion and committing it to the LODE Community Vault(s).  A service fee of fifteen percent (15%) on the posted exchange rate from all contributed bullion, will be utilized by the Community to enable the development of the LODE Cryptographic Silver Monetary System blockchain and to advance the following objectives:

  1. Organize the LODE Collective as a C.O.D.E. Association;
  2. Proceed with the development tasks and objectives in accordance with the LC Community Plan of Arrangement, specifically the INTERFIX blockchain architecture and website development;
  3. Conduct and complete all of the technical and legal development objectives outlined in the Plan of Arrangement and;
  4. Segregate, secure, and insure the balance of all contributed silver bullion (85%) by the INTERFIX until such time as the LODE Coin architecture is operational.

The reservation receipt issued herein will secure a position for a future LODE Coin Registration Event, which is scheduled to commence no later than 180 days from the completion of the reservation events. LODE Coin will be distributed to contributors at the exchange-rate specified. 

In the event that the Registration Event fails to occur, contributors will be invited to file claim to 85% of their contributed bullion from the segregated INTERFIX Vault by emailing admin@lode.email and providing the LODE ID associated with your member account.



The information published on the LODE.One website is not an offer to members of the public or an offer to sell securities. The services which are provided to members are for the tokenization of an individual’s personal Silver Bullion assets. You must assume all responsibility for your decision to tokenize your assets. You have no right nor shall you be allowed to purchase tokenization services from the LODE Community if you are a resident or citizen of any country which deems digital tokenization of assets as prohibited or an act subject to securities regulation.


All information provided to you must be kept strictly private and, as such, must be treated as confidential and personal to its recipients and shall not be copied, distributed or reproduced in whole or in part, nor passed to any party or individual not authorized. LODE is associated with a community of private and sovereign silver owners and advocates for sound money with a common vision to cause the creation of a Centrally Organized Distributed Entity (C.O.D.E.) that will organize, arrange, manage and provide oversight for a unique blockchain enabled representation of reserved and vaulted silver bullion. The LODE Project is an idea that may be arranged once enthusiasm from the community is firmly established phase-by-phase.  Further, the LODE Project is an abstract and not a legal entity of any kind, and neither volunteers, facilitators, coordinators, nor arms-length vendors or contractors can advise on the status of the C.O.D.E. worldwide and/or any prohibitions, if any, in any jurisdiction, now or in the future. Contributions are not investments nor are they value based exchanges of any kind.  Prospective pledgers, contributors, stakeholders and/or owners of encrypted token products must draw their own conclusions, relying on legal or lawful advice where appropriate, and at their own expense. The community organizers are not qualified or available to offer legal or lawful advice. If the LODE Project causes a Centrally Organized Distributed Entity to be established, it will be for the community benefit and the LODE Project will collectively manage the undertaking. Contributors are responsible for all actions individually.